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Year 2, Week 19 ~ Guest Blogger
This week, the blog of another member resonated with me. I've decided to feature her as my guest blogger this[...]
Year 2, Week 22A ~ Silence
This week I spent 24 hours in silence.  This silence could not have been timed more perfectly. The Master Key[...]
Year 2, Week 18 ~ Is Chipping Away at the Cement, Related to Overcoming Codependence?
For me, breaking away from old habits that did not serve me well (ie. breaking away the cement) is like trying to[...]
Year 2, Week 10 ~ Hardships: They Are Good For Us
"An ancient 4,800-year-old Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, the Methuselah Tree grows high in the White Mountains of eastern California. Named,[...]
Year 2, Week 17 ~ Have You Given Yourself Permission?
Have you given yourself permission to become the person you intend to become? It's a big question. It basically boils[...]
MKMMA Year 2, Week 16 ~ My Sit
I am so in love with my sit! Do you know how lucky we are to have found this Master[...]

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