This blog was begun to document my personal journey and transformation through the MKMMA, also known as the MasterKey Experience. The blog is a requirement of the course.

I rebelled against doing this blog. I did not want anyone knowing what thoughts I kept locked deep within.

Now, I’ve grown to love this blog.

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Last year, I was simply a woman with a road map and a compass….that I did not know how to use.

Like many others caught up in daily life, I was leading a life of quiet desperation.

The hardest question of all time, for me, has been what is my passion?

How many people know their passion?

How many people live their passion?

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I am a Baby Boomer who has lived a full gamut of experiences; however, at times, I feel trapped in a life that belongs to someone else. I have spent many years wondering, “Is this all there is?”

After much encouragement from my MasterKey Guide, a vague idea what I want to do began to gel. At first it was very scattered. I had no clue how to actually bring what my heart was communicating to me. Then with the daily steps toward growth, my desires and belief in my ability to achieve my desires began to solidify.

Now, my second year into the MKE journey, my ideas and desires are firm. Changes are definitely taking place! I have so many things in store for living my Definite Major Purpose! I want to spend more time enjoying my grandkids. I want to travel. I want to live in a small village where I have time to enjoy relationships with friends. I want to get married.

I want to write again!!!

As you read through these blogs I hope you see my growth. I hope you get the urge to find your own passions through the seeds left behind in these pages.

Yes, it can be scary. But, oh, is it ever worth it!

Always trust the voice within. It is very wise! It will lead you to a place that is truly remarkable.