Year 2, Week 22A ~ Silence

This week I spent 24 hours in silence.  This silence could not have been timed more perfectly. The Master Key Experience has been working me hard…….as in, self discovery hard work. Thinking about who I am now, if who I am is who I want to be; and if I am not who I want to […]

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Year 2, Week 10 ~ Hardships: They Are Good For Us

“An ancient 4,800-year-old Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, the Methuselah Tree grows high in the White Mountains of eastern California. Named, obviously, after the Biblical figure that lived for 969 years, the Methuselah Tree grows in the Methuselah Grove, which is in Inyo National Forest’s “Forest of Ancients,” where it is surrounded by other ancient trees. […]

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