MKMMA Week 22 – One Step Forward & Two Steps Back?

Og’s scrolls always seem to be perfectly timed with the emotions I’ve got going on. He’s been down this road first.emotions 2

(This emotions chart is exactly like where I work….Except they’ve got us in cubes instead of little boxes…LOL.)

I’ve been feeling extremely annoyed lately, that when I go to my job, I have to actually do the work they want me to do. I’ve called in sick and taken more vacation days in the last few months, than in my entire adult life.

I just want to read my Og, and write my blog………and grab my walking stick so I can follow the path of my own Hero’s Journey.

I look back at the growth I’ve achieved in the last six months. Tears! Emotions! It’s a flood! Here I am at work writing my blog (I’ve been practicing Pareto’s Principle) and I’m starting to cry. LOL. So much growth! I just love it! It feels so good!

A football friend of mine told me that sometimes losing a battle helps you find a new way to win the war.  I will win this war!!!!!! It’s fact that we all have the power within to achieve great things!

Every once in a while we take one step forward and two steps back. So what. If we are driving and we find ourselves going down the wrong street we make a U-turn. Right?

Same thing. No big deal. It’s all a part of the journey.

Heroes journey

I know in previous blogs I’ve kind of gone on and on about how I’m not a morning person, and how it’s never been easy for me to wake up early.

This is a part of my growth: I’ve been waking up early.

At first I thought my waking up was just a fluke. But then it happened for a full week, and now it’s happened for an entire month. I’m finally embracing each morning with love and I’m feeling so alive.

Secondly, I no longer feel blindsided by my PPNs or my DMP. I feel worthy and emotional about everything. I cry about everything because it’s so exciting. It’s such a good thing! My anger is stronger than my fear, my guilt, my hurt feelings. I no longer have unworthiness because it has been replaced by worthiness. No wonder I’m waking up early and embracing each day with love.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,” said Walt Disney.

I want to help people learn to dream of the life they would like to live, to go chase that dream, and to catch it. I want them to know they can actually have their life.

I’m so blessed that I absolutely must start with myself first. I love this journey!


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thompsonscott20 - March 18, 2016

Hooray for you my friend! I’m very HAPPY for you! You are Greatness!

    remarkablehealth - March 20, 2016

    Thank you good buddy, good pal. You too, are greatness!

wesmasterkey - March 20, 2016



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