MKMMA Year Two, Week 15 ~ Taking Initiative. It’s Only a Rock!

In 1995, when my three sons were young, for Christmas our favorite neighbor gifted the family with William J. Bennett’s The Book of Virtues.

The year is now 2017. I do know I regress to former times in my life in these blogs. There has been so much foreshadowing in my life where I didn’t make a connection.

This course is helping me do that now.

The Book of Virtues got moved from shelf to shelf, and most recently it spent time on the same shelf for 15 years. I moved and the book is now in a box, but it’s in a box in my car trunk because I retrieved it; because I now know I need to read it.

If our favorite neighbor had not signed the inside of the book when he gifted it, the book could have been put aside.  941125_10151372733127003_253863746_n

The Franklin Makeover has brought this about.

My first time through The Franklin Makeover, last year, the thing I needed work on most was Courage. My Courage is now one of the strongest things about me! I’m brave and can now roll giant boulders that block my path completely out of my way.

I…..BLAST…..right through them.

So, this week my makeover focus was Taking Initiative.

My sacrifice hasn’t been feeling right. I had to do something because I’ve found myself in a toxic environment and it’s caused me to fall behind with some of my MKE obligations.

Once I made the decision to change this time around, it only took 24 hours for my solution to appear, and for me to Take Initiative!

My problem is just another stupid rock in the road of my journey!moving-the-boulder-in-the-roadFrom now on it will always be that easy. It’s only a rock!

Take the initiative and just move the stupid thing…..whatever your rock is…..out of the way.

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Nicki Goff - January 11, 2017

Great post, Cherylan – love the rock metaphor!

Ryan Missler - January 12, 2017

I have a few rocks in my life as well…thanks Cheryl…..nicely written!


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